What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is normally someone who has decided to work for him/herself, someone who previously worked as a professional administrative assistant and can also think on their feet, fast and precise… someone who has also assisted senior manager/s and or head of departments in an organisation. A Virtual Executive Assistant in some ways differs from a Virtual Assistant due to the fact that they have always worked at an executive level. In this day and age after covid, most Virtual Assistants have the option of working remotely due to the fact that the quality of their work speaks for itself and so they do not need to be supervised.


At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, this applies to anything in life i.e., if you employ a UK Based Virtual Assistant you can relax as though you are on holiday. The reason I use this expression is because the problem has now been passed over to this VA who has been employed solely for this very reason, so why not relax?

The other benefit to employing a VA is that they are considered as self-employed so they cover all related taxes. Another benefit is that you do not need to provide them with an office space, as they work remotely.

Virtual Assistants at WBVR posses the skills, knowledge, ability, training and experience required in order to be in a position to assist any client from a sole trader up to the CEO of a large organisation.




Virtual Assistants usually are self-employed remote workers who can assist with a variety of business needs VA’s at WBVR offer different types of assistance to business people or organizations. From marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands. Our virtual assistants can do almost anything. Regardless of the required task at hand, our VEA are happy to assist and are also a cost-effective option to help relieve the stress you may face as a business owner. We can also help project the best you, which really is in everyone’s best interest, in other words; the longer you stay in business the more money we make.




Collectively Virtual Assistants at WBVR are professionals in particular fields and have been tried and tested, hence they can also assist with various tasks, inclusive of accounting or marketing, Health and Safety, Website Design and much more... We work with you remotely, and are able to accommodate clients from anywhere in the world, provided their requests and our availability are aligned. All you may require is a daily catch up via phone, a phone call to bring you up to speed.


We can also accommodate researching new products or procedures. if you’re trying to make a selection, whether it's for brand new software, a new advertising method, or a brand-new product line, you can assign your Virtual Assistant with doing the essential research. We will then present you with preliminary findings to help you make an informed decision.





Logo Design - We can design your business Logo based on information provided and work through revisions.

Event/s Management - We can assist with planning for corporate events, parties or celebrations.

Calendar Management - We can manage and schedule daily meetings face to face or virtually.

Appointments and Emails - This can include replying, sending and filing emails as well as appointment reminders.

PowerPoint Presentations - We can create engaging PowerPoint presentations on any subject.

Web Research - We can carry out web research to obtain a specific piece of information relating a desired topic.

Digital Marketing Tasks - We can create and run adverts on various platforms to increase business exposure.

Website Design - Our websites help create an online presence.

Search Engine Optimization - We can assist with text content for websites including Key Words and Key Phrases.

Social Media Management - We can create and schedule posts across all social media platforms.


Occupational Health and Safety - We can assist with undertaking Risk Assessments (RAMS) for internal audit purposes and the writing of H&S Policies and Procedures in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This applies to any business that employs more than 5 people.



Why not hire a Virtual Assistant from WBVR today, so you may spend more time with the person you love… While we do the heavy lifting.