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Since the .com inception of the 1990's, little to large organizations have been making sites to act as the centre point of their web-based organizations. In like manner, sites have turned into a type of articulation for people and method for showcasing one's abilities or distribute one's extraordinary pool of knowledge and information.

Here are 7 of the most popular types of websites currently present online. While some websites are a cross between 2 or even 3 different types of websites currently online. They each have different functionalities in order to best achieve the desired purpose.  









The ascent of digital entertainment and media, Such as Animation, Social Media, Video, Virtual Reality, Games Console Online or Mobile... This however, has offered different outlets for making oneself or business seen as online in order to engage the desired audience type or faction of people, or even a particular individual of interest. A digital media and entertainment site can sometimes be far more prominent than having just a static site.

We like to think that having an up to date website would serve as an extremely important marketing tool to a business of any type.

Which makes one wonder — what type of website do I actually need?

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