Does Google PPC Advertising actually work?

I personally have been using Google PPC for years as I have always tried to find ways to earn an extra income legally, plus a few failed businesses later but based on my experience the answer is no... not if you are a small business... this isn't just an opinion.

In my line of work I am privileged to be in a position to converse daily with business owners and so, based on the volume the answer remains the same; NO, GOOGLE PPC ADVERTISING DOES NOT WORK. My customers also stated that their experience with Pay Per Click etc. was somewhat despondent and that the outcomes are predictable! wasted funds, no return on investment.

I would always recommend Canvassing, meeting with potential clients face to face like the old days! We Just cant afford to be lazy when it comes to marketing our passion! A nicely designed Business Card and/or a free pen with your company domain printed on it... Always works, Good Luck!

I also find that Google tends to publish deleted pages on our website, months after they have been moved or deleted, in order to create a 404 Error so it looks like we are not online. Google has even gone as far as deleting our customer reviews? How petty!

Bullying on any level should not be acceptable. If you are not paying pointlessly for PPC they send you a game to download, a game what requires payment at certain levels. Google will always find a way to take your money!

I take no pleasure in writing this Blog, but I stand for the truth.

Signed: WPA